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About our company

Under the leadership of Arturo Martinez (owner/President),   A M Plumbing, Inc. is a fairly new company compared to most other plumbing companies in the South Bay Area.   A M Plumbing, Inc. was established in 2011, however in that short span of time it has been consistently growing and is gaining momentum!  


Arturo started plumbing shortly after high school and has not stopped.  He found he had a knack for it.  He started his plumbing career with a local San Pedro plumbing company and he took what he learned and perfected his skills both technical and sales.  A M Plumbing, Inc.  looks to the future and looks forward to serving you and your family.   Call us with your plumbing issue or question, we are here to help!

Jesse Quinonez- Lead plumber


Jesse has been plumbing for over 16 years and has been with A M Plumbing, Inc. since its inception.  He is truly an asset to the company.


License # 957812

License # 957812

Meet the crew...

Art in A M Plumbing, Inc.'s newest truck. 

Bailey, Angel, Robert, Tony, Art, Eric, Jesse, Ziggy, KC, Noah, and Alex!

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